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Updated: 8/16/2018


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MicroLine Design, LLC

10582 Bradshaw Street
Overland Park, KS 66215

(913) 226-6221


Miles Brown - Principal Owner/Graphic Designer - mbrown@microlinedesign.com
Customer Support - customersupport@microlinedesign.com

MicroLine Design, LLC creates special effects design work for foil stamping and embossing, specializing in custom micro etch and repeatable textural designs. Its designs have a multitude of cost-effective applications to enhance the product’s appearance, while adding a sense of value and a high level of security and protection due to the extreme difficulty of duplication. MicroLine Design also has developed innovative tools to help save time and money on customers’ projects. Virtual Proofing Simulations allow customers to view micro etch design work in motion with the click of a button before any money is spent etching it onto metal. In addition, the company’s micro etch foil stamping Test Die allows customers to stamp the stock and foil being used to quickly determine which line quality is best suited for the job, ensuring optimal results and a premium end product.