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Updated: 6/11/2019


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Crown Roll Leaf, Inc.

91 Illinois Avenue
Paterson, NJ 07503

(973) 742-4000
(800) 631-3831
Fax: (973) 742-0219


Robert C. Rubino - Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Other Locations

  • Mary Shank
    2456 Elmhurst Road
    Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
    (847) 595-4550
    Fax: (847) 595-0411

    Crown Roll Leaf Do Brasil
    Av. Dr Renato De Andrade Maia
    670 Terreo Guarulhos
    Sao Paulo-SP, Brazil

Crown Roll Leaf is a world leader in the manufacture of hot stamping foils, laminating films, pressure-sensitive holographic label stock, heat transfer products and holograms for security, anti-counterfeiting and marketing. Crown’s Hot Stamping Foil Guide is available for designers, stampers and graphic artists. Crown boasts a turnkey, vertically integrated 150,000 sq. ft. facility, which houses a state-of-the-art computer graphics department, four laser origination labs with nickel shim growing facilities, proprietary holographic embossing machines (50", 24"), vacuum metallizers and converting equipment. Crown produces laminating films (size 28" x 40") that eliminate plate lines. Holograms incorporating HRI coating are used worldwide to insure against fraud and counterfeiting of ID passes, drivers' licenses, credit cards, etc. Secure Vision™ holograms incorporate multiple levels of overt and covert security features. With an industry reputation of offering superior service, Crown inventories over 2,000 hot stamping foil products and fast ships worldwide. Samples, color matches, design and technical assistance are provided at no charge.