Key Personnel:
Ellen Manning – Vice President, Marketing and Sales
Michael B. King – President/CEO

Eagle Systems is the leader in the design and manufacture of hot foil stamping, cold foil and Cast and Cure™ print enhancement equipment and has been a long-time favorite for the conversion of automatic diecutting platens and lithographic printing presses. For 30 years, the Eagle Hot Foil System has been designed to convert most automatic diecutting presses into fully automatic foil stamping and embossing presses with the ability to switch between foil and diecutting with stripping. For inline cold foiling, the Eco-Eagle Cold Foil is the most technologically advanced cold foil machine in the industry. It is completely automatic with no touchscreen so operator intervention is not needed. The Eagle Systems machine controls the foil tensions automatically, reducing wasted foil and sheets. There are no dancer rollers and, therefore, no stress on the foil, allowing for a perfect foil application without pin holing. Additionally, there is no foil dust, which is caused by stressing the foil. The electronics controlling the machine are completely contained in the Eagle itself. Standard features include the ability to run any combination of multiple width foil webs from 2” to 64” at the same time, thereby reducing foil cost and foil waste, and online internet diagnostics for immediate product support and service. With installations taking only two days, ROI starts immediately.

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1310 S. Roller Road, Ocean, NJ 07712