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Updated: 12/1/2017


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My Press Needs, LLC

3001 N. Rocky Point Drive E., Suite 200
Tampa, FL 33607

(856) 728-5090
(866) 347-1200
Fax: (856) 728-6742


Robert Weidhaas, Jr. - robw@mypressneeds.com

My Press Needs (MPN) is a leader in the development, engineering and sales of the Crest Clamshell worldwide. Through research and advanced technology, MPN has singlehandedly brought about the rebirth of the modern clamshell. Its "no more makeready" Crests eliminate finishing bottlenecks with fast setup times and user-friendly operation. MPN's Widemouth™ technology enables the Crest to accurately diecut virtually any substrate, including polycarbonates, corrugated and thicker materials like Falconboard®. The company's newest technology - the Soft Cut™ System - provides greater efficiency by diecutting rigid plastics in sequence with no adjustments in up to 80 percent of jobs.